Our high-quality programs and professional instructors offer a unique and individual experience for everyone.  Arts education can offer special opportunities and benefits to people with learning, emotional and physical disabilities.  Participation facilitates communication with people who have different thinking and learning patterns, improves attention,  behavior skills, and the ability to interact with others, enhances mood, and provides a means for integrating into mainstream social life and community.

    Special Needs
  • All levels of experience are welcome
  • All students participate in every class

PAA is proud to have experienced, top quality instructors who are professionals in their fields.  See Instructor Profiles for more information.

Our open enrollment policy allows anyone to enter our programs regardless of previous experience. Our instructors specialize in challenging and developing students no matter what level they are at when they enter. Participants “learn by doing” not only from the instructor but also from each other.

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education@foxvalleyrep.org with questions.

Please note: Once registration is processed, no refunds will be issued for any reason unless the class is cancelled by FVR.

Kiwanis partial scholarships available for families in need residing in St. Charles.  Go to Scholarships.



These classes focus on enhancing social communication, understanding and confidence through games, role play, and other techniques. Participation in these classes may be helpful for children whose peer relationships are hampered by issues related to AD/HD, Asperger's syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) learning problems, language delays, and auditory processing disorders.   

CLASS: Youth Students with Developmental Disabilities
(Autism, Down Syndrome and Intellectual Disability)

6 to 16
This class will strive to meet the unique needs of each of our students as we begin to explore the world of performing arts. Through the use of tactile activities, puppetry, music, and of course lots of fun!

Sponsored by: Delnor Express Care